Get Your Transport Sorted For Tough Mudder 2017

Heading to Tough Mudder this year?

EcoCabs offer transport to any Tough Mudder event and can take groups of up to 22 people. We will pick you up from your chosen place be it your home or work as well as picking up your team mates for their chosen place and take you straight there. We will do several pick-ups and drop offs so you won’t have to all meet at one destination. No matter how wet and muddy you are, we’ll pick you up after the event and take you home so that all you have to focus on is making it through the many obstacles.

Tough Mudder Electrotherapy

The obstacles that will be featured at this years event are:


More than just a puddle of mud – it’s an obstacle for a reason. This obstacle is drenched in thick, heavy mud. So thick you won’t be able to walk through this, in fact you’ll be lucky if you manage to stay upright.

Hero Walls

At a staggering 9ft 6in give this some pre-thought of not only how to get up but how to get back down. The Hero Walls are most often seen in pairs.

Hold Your Wood

Ever carried a giant log for one quarter of a mile navigating over and under walls? No? Well you won’t be able to say that next year. This can be done as a team or individually.


First a barbed wire crawl followed by dragging yourself up a curved pipe, ending with a 5 inch drop into the cold water below. Sounds relatively easy compare to what else you’ve got to face.

Everest 2.0

Up this 15ft tall curved pipe you’ll find a recurved top making it difficult to get that grip. Miss it and you’ll be back at the bottom quicker than it took you to get up.

Kiss Of Mud 2.0

The list of obstacles is far from over yet. In this one, just above you’ll find barbed wire and bellow cold and sticky mud. With less than 18 inches between the two you’ll have to crawl your way through the mud. It’s called Tough Mudder for a reason.

Mud Mile 2.0

A pit of mud – literally. On each side, you’ll find a slippery mud mound and in the middle – yep you’ve guessed it – mud. The pit is full of the liquid mud, the kind that covers everything. There’s no coming out clean in this event.

Electroshock Therapy

A short muddy sprint would be comparatively easy, wouldn’t it? That’s what they thought too which is why they thought they’d accompany it with a field of dangling wires delivering 10,000 volts. If anything, it might give you the kick you need to complete the course.

Black Hole

Not available for first timers. This legionnaire exclusive involves crawling through a dark tunnel where you won’t see a thing until you’re out of it.

Birth Canal

You’ll have to crawl your way through this one with over 100lbs of water on top of you. It’s a tight squeeze to get through.

King of The Swingers

This will see you grabbing a swing arm and swinging after jumping from a 12-foot platform in an attempt to ring the bell just above you.

Stage 5 Clinger

For legionnaires only. You’re going to need a lot of arm strength for this one. This involves hanging on and pulling yourself up an inverted 45-degree wall 20 feet above the ground.

Snot Rocket

Another legionnaire obstacle. Prepare to go through a deep-water pit with only a few inches of air between the water and a cage-like top. You’ll make your way to a dark tube which you’ll have to climb up despite the water pouring down it.

Funky Monkey – The Revolution

If you think these are like the monkey bars in a playground, you’re mistaken. After tackling the monkey bars, you are met with a series of revolving wheels that get harder the further in to the course you are so think fast for this one.

Arctic Enema

If going head first down a tube in to icy water is your idea of fun then you’ll love this one. Once in the ice-cold water you’ll have to get yourself upright before ducking under a barrier to get out.

Pyramid Scheme

This obstacle involves climbing up a slippery slope with nothing to grab on to but your teammates. Plan ahead for this one.

The Block Ness Monster

Navigating over rotating barriers in to chest deep water – what could be easier? Once you manage to get on the barrier it’s not long until you’re back off it. If you’re not keen on plunging under water, then you’ll have to act fast in order to stay upright.

The Reach Around

Those legionnaires get to have all the fun. This obstacle involves climbing up a frame at 45 degree inverted angle before reaching the top, reaching over to grab on to something and pulling yourself over the barrier to climb back down.


Brand new for 2017 is this exclusive-to-legionnaires obstacle, where you swing from ring to ring to get across this 30-foot-high obstacle.

Augustus Gloop

Another addition for 2017 is the Augustus Gloop. This involves going down a sloping pit of water before climbing up a tube with a constant downpour of water pushing against you.

Tough Mudder Team


If this sounds like your thing then sign up by following the link below. Don’t forget to book your transport too!

All images and information from Tough Mudder.