We want your cycle adventure to be trouble-free so you can concentrate your efforts into pedalling, which is where our cycle transfer services come into their own

Our extensive range of vehicles from 4 seater taxis, people carriers, minibuses & mini-coaches, means we have the right vehicle for your passenger comfort.

Your bike is important to us, so we use  the following methods to ensure a safe journey

A Thule 3 cycle rack for smaller parties with integrated straps and flexible mountings most road and mountain bikes fit snugly and safely on

For larger groups we have 8 slot and 20 slot specialist open air cycle trailers .

Secured to the frame by our tried and tested fasteners and strap fixing method you can be sure your cycle will reach your destination as it was loaded ( 3 to 4 straps per bike )

Our trailers again fit most standard mountain and road bikes .

For even larger groups we have the flexibility to mix and match carriers or for a wrap and stack method in large box trailers.

We have the flexibility to carry most cycles but if you have a specialist cycle with oversized tires, tandem,  3 wheelers etc please let us know at the time of booking so we can determine the best method of transport if feasible.

What we ask of you?

Please let the driver load and unload all cycles. Help is appreciated but can lead to mishaps so please leave it to the driver.

To ensure safe cycle transfer transportation prior to loading all items should be removed from the bike. These include things like lights, water bottles, milometers etc and most importantly  mudguards.

Mudguards can seriously hamper secure fastening and also become damaged under the pressure of straps over a long transfer.

We can accept no responsibility for damage if you choose to leave the mudguards or any other extraneous items on your cycle when being transported.

For our terms of carriage please view our policy here.


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