New Year, New Cars

We are always trying to improve our energy efficiency and reduce any negative impact we have on the environment. This is why we are excited about our new additions to the fleet: the Toyota Auris Electric Hybrid vehicles. These new cars are part of EcoCabs: Next Generation our most eco-friendly taxis yet.

Hybrid cars use a combination of fuel and electricity to power the vehicle. When the car starts up, accelerates or goes uphill the electric engine kicks in to reduce the fuel consumption of the petrol engine. The electric engine recharges through kinetic energy that is converted to electric energy. This kinetic energy comes from regenerative braking. When the car is stopping and no longer needs power, the spinning wheels power the electric generator which recharges the electric battery, This use of electricity lowers the use of fuel greatly and reduces any pollution from emissions released in to the environment.

All of our diesel vehicles use locally produced bio-diesel which is a more environmentally friendly fuel. It is made from renewable sources such as locally grown maize and produces far less greenhouse gases than traditional diesel.

Our vehicles are also good quality second hand vehicles so that the vehicle is recycled for our use in order to reduce waste. It also reduces the waste associated with creating new cars.  Travel and transport also has a large impact on the environment and we strive to reduce our impact and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our environmental policy doesn’t end at our vehicles, all of our paper, plastic bottles and ink cartridges are recycled in our office. As we work in the adventure travel industry some of our hiking or cycling customers leave bottles of water in our cars or minibuses, we always bring these in to the office to make sure they are recycled.


EcoCabs Hybrid