Hexham Taxi Accident at Warden Level Crossing

Taxi Accident at Warden Level Crossing

The recent taxi accident at the Warden level crossing made local news and many people were surprised to hear that the taxi was accidentally driven onto the train tracks when the driver seemingly mistook them for the road!

At Ecocabs we received many phonecalls from concerned customers and drivers who feared that one of our taxis had been involved in this accident near Hexham.  Thankfully it was not one of our drivers, rather a taxi from out of the area who did not know the local roads.

On Twitter Northumbria Police Officer Darren Lant wrote: “Thankfully it’s not often this happens and nobody hurt. But driving down the train tracks is never a good idea. Driver and passenger managed to get out in nick of time.”

Thankfully no one was hurt in the taxi or on the train, although the taxi looked rather worse for wear after it’s ordeal!