A new website for our new approach

About 19.5 months ago we decided that our previous website, that went live in 2010, was no longer in line with where our business has grown to and needed to be refreshed and even renewed to reflect more accurately our current and future visions for Ecocabs.

Since then, we have spent many many hours of research, development and construction to produce the new shiny website.

We are hoping that it will be easier to navigate and provide much more information for current and new customers about the full range of services that we offer and the strengths, size and capabilities of Ecocabs now and on into the future.

As part of the discussions that we had about the updates to the site, a number of members of staff felt that it could be useful/interesting to include a regular blog with a look into the everyday life of Ecocabs and the people who work here especially from a drivers point of view. As a result, I have “been volunteered” to write this blog. I am planning on there being general day to day matters covered, however, based on my experiences over the previous 4 years I also expect there will be humour, pathos and even comic tragedy.

If anyone looking at the site has any feedback on items that they think they would like to see included, please let me know and I will ensure that Data Management are made aware.