A little bit of rare good news….. First of Its kind

Ecocabs 1st again !

Since we started in 2006 as the first environmentally aware passenger transport firm Ecocabs have been at the forefront in the use of

ecocogical and technological advancements in transport

In 2012 we were the first passenger transport company to fit an after  manufacture bespoke hybrid system to one of our minibuses.

Over the last few years in view of changing thought and with sustainability in  mind we have moved away from bio-diesel to hybrid and all electric vehicles in our fleet

Now in 2020 Ecocabs have another first .We have obtained the very first  PHEV  Ford Tourneo 8 seater minibus to be sold in the country

The new Ford Tourneo Custom Hybrid 8 seat minibus uses two sources of power to get passengers where they need to be more efficiently than ever. An advanced electric

Powertrain, with zero emissions, can be used for shorter trips, while on longer journeys the multi award-winning ford  engine kicks in to extend the Tourneo’s range.

Even in these difficult times for all of us  Ecocabs has not forgotten that the environmental issues we face are still there and this latest addition to the fleet really reinforces our commitment to lower carbon emissions and a better future for all.

Thanks to everybody involved in this purchase, the deal has been going on since August 2019 and thanks to top signs for doing a sterling job on the vehicle signage.