A Brief History of Hexham

Located within the parish of Northumberland, Hexham is a market town which is currently associated with a rich history as well as a number of notable landmarks. This is why a growing number of tourists are choosing to frequent its confines each and every year. In order to fully appreciate the culture of this location, it is a good idea to take a quick look at its history from ancient times into the present day.

Origins and Early History

It is believed that the town of Hexham was first established as far back as 674 CE by the English saint and bishop Wilfrid. The first presence of a permanent structure was the erection of a monastery. Many of its stones are believed to have been taken from Hadrian’s Wall.

One of the most interesting aspects of Hexham involves the fact that William Wallace is purported to have sacked the town in 1297. It is claimed that Robert the Bruce asked for an additional £2,000 pounds in order to protect its inhabitants from a similar fate in the future.

Hexham was also a key battleground during the War of the Roses and a large skirmish is believed to have taken place just outside of its borders in 1464. Local folklore even states that Margaret (Queen of Anjou) took refuge in a nearby cave although this has never been officially confirmed.

Recent History and Modern Times

Hexham became a notable centre of leather goods during the 18th and 19th centuries; a source of pride which can still be seen when visiting the Hexham Tans restaurant in town.

While the production of leather still takes place here, the economy of Hexham has diversified into other sectors such as cattle, textiles, brewing, and the manufacture of chipboard. The centre of Hexham likewise boasts a strong retail district. Many well-known outlets are present here including Tesco, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer. The town is also served by Hexham Railway Station as well as Newcastle Airport (32 kilometres outside of the city centre).

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